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SaSa Malaysia

It’s been quite some time I blog about make up. I’ve been learning some tricks along the way but hey being a makeup junkie, there’s never ending learning right *wink*. Hence, last week I found myself at SaSa outlet learning new makeup trends and tips from Federico Lucci, PUPA International Trainer & Makeup Artist using various PUPA Milano products.

This is not the first time I came in touch with Pupa Milano. My very first experience with the brand was when they launched Pupa Milano Limited Edition Dot Shock Collection. If you’re not aware, PUPA Milano is an Italian cosmetics brand established since 1976. Available globally over 70 countries around the world, you can now find the full make up collection at SaSa outlets.

SaSa Malaysia

Ladies, I’m sure you’re aware the secret to perfect long-lasting makeup is by applying foundation. Thus, Federico Lucci shares using Pupa Milano Smoothing Foundation Primer in Lilac shade definitely suits our Asian yellow undertones. The liquid foundation blends in beautifully onto the skin, providing us a with flawless look.

SaSa Malaysia

The star product which steals the show is the gorgeous Makeup Stories Eyeshadow Palettes which is available in 4 variants namely Hot Flame, Cosmic Queen, Spicy Nudes and Bright VioletWith a choice of 10 colours and 3 textures in (matte, silver and metal) all housed in one eye-catching chic sturdy packaging. It’s the perfect palette to suit your day to night makeup look. These 3 textures are easy to apply and fixes instantly. Below is a more detailed explanation:

  • Matt texture : combines innovative Velvety Agents for maximum coverage.
  • Satin texture : composed of innovative raw materials with a silky feel and creamy finishing.  
  • Metal texture : a pressed powder the fixes instantly along the eyelid and lasts all day long.

Did I also mentioned, the combination of Resins, Waxes and Oils will ensure excellent adhesion to your eyelid? Hence, that’s why the eyeshadow lasts throughout the day *wink*. Last but not least, Pupa Milano eyeshadow palette is Paraben FREE and dermatologically tested too!

At the workshop, we’re given the opportunity to experience and explore with two of the palettes namely Hot Flame and Cosmic Queen. I’m thinking to get the Bright Violet palette for the magenta burgundy shade is awesomely gorgeous!

SaSa Malaysia

Don’t believe the magenta burgundy is beautiful? Well, here’s Federico Lucci applying it on the model.

SaSa Malaysia

See, how gorgeous the color turn out to be *woots*

Makeup Stories Eyeshadow Palette in #002 Hot Flame

SaSa Malaysia

A huge fan of warm-toned colors, this palette is definitely something I love. With 10 amazing warm vibrant tones to choose from with color ranging from gold, mustard to burned shades of copper and amber.

Makeup Stories Eyeshadow Palette in #004 Cosmic Queen

SaSa Malaysia

Now, this palette just screams ‘FANTABULOUS’. It contains 10 beautifully composed galaxy of colors where deep blue and intense teal are lit up with the metallic glow of silvery and vibrant shades.

Makeup Tips Using Makeup Stories Eyeshadow Palette

  • Use the Matt texture to create perfect shading and intensify your gaze.
  • Apply the Satin texture for soft shades without contrasts.
  • Play and explore with the Metal texture! Play with the extraordinary light reflections and dramatic smoky effect.

Makeup Trends by Federico Lucci

  • Sun-kissed cheeks and nose are in trend. Using a blusher brush, tap or lightly brush blusher across the bridge of the nose till the cheek. Remember not to put on too much, otherwise you might end up a bit too red.
  • Strobing is also in trend. To ensure your cheekbones are more prominent, make sure to use a shade slightly darker than your original skin tone for shading.

Pupa Milano Sasa

I had so much fun with the gals learning makeup trends and tips by Federico Lucci at Sasa outlet. At the workshop, not only did I get to explore the eyeshadow palette, there’s also the PUPA Milano’s concealer, foundation, eyeliner, mascara and lipstick too. Psst…the lipstick is a noteworthy item too for its super matte with an amazing pop of color!

Pupa Milano Sasa

Pupa Milano Makeup Stories Eyeshadow Palette is price at RM149 each. It’s now available exclusively at all SaSa outlet nationwide. For more details, please visit SaSA Official Website or Pupa Milano Official Website. Alternatively, you may also stalk their Instagram of Facebook at the below handle:

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