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Pullman KLCC Party Boxes MP

There are so many new SOPs to adhere to when you’re dining outside during the CMCO period. Now, if you have plans to celebrate a special occasion with your family of 4 pax it might be difficult as there’s a limit to how many pax per table. Time to think out of the box, let’s order party food boxes delivery by Pullman KLCC !

Pullman KLCC created various options to order for party food delivery, and not just pizza or fast food. Whether it is to organise a office department-sized get-together, secret birthday bash or family events, good food is the main and crucial part of every successful party. There are six varieties of party classics which can fit up to 80 pax from sushi platters, to flavourful croissant, you will find something to suit every palate.

Sushi Platter

Pullman KLCC Party Boxes 2

Offering colourful of fresh sushi varieties in the Japanese Sushi Box, this platter is only RM128 for 40 pieces. It includes hanna sushi, ebi pumpkin avocado, salmon mayo, sambal torch and glazed tuna nigiri. I ordered this set and boy the taste was superb! The sushi’s are super fresh and it comes with generous serving of wasabi and shoyu. For a kick of the local flavours, the sambal torch was a delight to munch on. Other favourites include the salmon mayo and hanna sushi!

Chicken Snack Box

Lovers of chicky, shall certainly order this.  This Chicken Snack Box features  sesame barbeque chicken wing, handmade chicken nugget and chicken sausage. 30-piece box at RM55. Pair it with a glass of cold beer absolutely perfect!

Flavourful Croissants Box

Pullman KLCC Party Boxes 1

Warm freshly-baked croissants are finally a viable option for your dessert menu! Check out the Flavourful Croissants Box at RM45 (10 pieces). I certainly did not regret ordering this party box, my family loves it to bit! We just loved the chocolate and peanut filling croissants. Fresh and crisp with generous fillings!

Don’t believe me, see the peanut filling oozing out from the croissant!

Other party boxes available includes Pullman Club box which is a layered sandwich with a range of flavours of one box at RM45 (10 pcs). You can have Takoyaki party too, a 20-piece Takoyaki Box is RM45. Apart from croissants, there’s another dessert option available. It’s the Sedap Fruits Tart Box featuring 16 pieces of scrumptious fruit tartlets  at RM45.

Wondering how long does it take for food to arrive? I got mine delivered by Pullman KLCC in an average of 40 minutes! You can also opt for self-pick up daily from 11am to 9pm. FREE DELIVERY for orders above RM100 within 10km radius. Additional RM5 will be charged for every 5km for locations beyond the 10km. Delivery fees for orders less than RM100 are RM5 (1km – 5km) and RM10 (6km – 10km). I believe the delivery price is pretty reasonable.

You can place your order via WhatsApp +6012 303 5958 or email to [email protected].

Find out the latest updates  at Pullman KLCC’s Official Website  or follow the hotel at @PullmanKualaLumpurCityCentre

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