(Review) ABS Powerbank Y304 With 2 Years Warranty

ABS Powerbank

My mobile phone battery drains pretty fast and I’ve also joined the craze bandwagon of Pokemon Go game. Can you imagine running out of battery while catching your Pokemon? Honest to god, I might have a heart failure if my mobile died on me while catching a rare character. Thus, to ensure this doesn’t happen to me I gotten myself a power bank from ABS Malaysia which guarantees a 100% customer satisfaction. This power bank has become my best purchase to date for its truly a life saver!

ABS Powerbank Y304 (12000 mAh)

Tech Specifications:

Model: Y304 (12000 mAh)
Power Input: DC 5V -2A (Dual Fast Charge)
POwer Output: 5V -2.1A (Dual Fast Charge)
Net Weight: 228g
Size: 90 x 79.4 x 22.6mm
Sole Distributor: C Two Gadget

ABS Powerbank 1
Dual output for fast charging with a power button to indicate battery power lifespan.

When I first saw this, I thought this is kinda bulky. However, after unboxing, I realise it’s pretty light weight. I also loved the all white packaging with a touch of silver stripe that makes it look so chic.

ABS Powerbank 2
LED panel to display battery level

Turn on the power button and it’ll light up the LED panel on the top of the screen. This panel indicates the lifespan of the power bank. When you see the power deplete to only 1 bar, it’s time to recharge. It takes about 1  – 2 hours to fully charged this power bank. Once fully charged, the power bank can be used to charged my mobile phone twice before running out of battery.

ABS Powerbank 3

 You can use it to charge two gadgets at the same time, however I prefer to use it to charge my mobile only. I got to leave some extra juices just in case I run out of battery while catching rare Pokemons. At one time, my mobile phone only had 15% battery lifespan but using ABS Power Bank Y304, it took only 15 minutes to juice my battery level to 35%. That’s super fast if compare to other power bank I’ve used before.

ABS Powerbank 4

The best has yet to come, this is the only power bank in the market offering 2 years warranty with a guarantee of 1 to 1 exchange by ABS Malaysia! You can now get ABS Power Bank at  11 Street Official Store as they’re having a Merdeka Sale promotion offering up to 30% discount until 31st August 2016.  For more ABS Power Bank store location,  pls refer here !  This is truly a power bank that’s worth buying for its super speed charging and bonus extended warranty.

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