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Legoland Resort MP

When the government announced RMCO, needless to say I was ecstatic as it means finally we’re allowed to travel within Malaysia. The kids were bored silly during the MCO period, thus I started looking for a place to bring the family for a #cuticutimalaysia trip.  We opted for Legoland Malaysia Resort as the promotions offered for rooms and theme parks was truly fantastic. Furthermore, I’ve checked online for their SOP (hygiene and safety measures) it was pretty solid. So, we’re on board for our family vacation at Legoland Malaysia Resort!

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Checking into Legoland Malaysia Resort

Upon arrival at Legoland Hotel, we immediately noticed the new health and safety measures implemented at the entrance. We are required to fill up our details and conduct the temperature check.

Legoland Malaysia Resort 33

If there’s a que, you can also use the ‘contactless temperature screening machine’at the entry and scan your details via the MySejahtera app.

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We also use the hand sanitizers dispenser  located at the entry of Legoland Hotel. It’s better to be safe than sorry *wink*

Legoland Malaysia Resort

After checking on all of us, we’re cleared for entry to Legoland Hotel. While waiting to check-in, we took the opportunity to take some pictures in the lobby. Wearing a face mask or covering is compulsory in Legoland Malaysia Resort.  You can also purchase additional face mask from the retail shops or at the reception counter.

Legoland Malaysia Resort 40

Our check in process was really breezy. Take a closer look on the floor, you’ll noticed friendly signage reminders to practice our social distancing within queues. There are also bigger boxes marked for families! I noticed a number of hand sanitizer are stationed around the hotel lobby for guests to use.

Legoland Malaysia Resort

Legoland Hotel – Kingdom Room

For our stay, we had the Kingdom room. We took the lift  which only carried 4 person and there’s marked designated boxes. Taking a ride in the lift was a pleasure for the kids as there was disco lights with music turn on for them to dance about.

Our room accommodates up to 3 adults + 2 kids (king size bed and bunk beds). It’s beautifully decorated and makes you feel like you’re staying in a castle, it comes fully equipped with toiletries, TV, bathrobe, coffee, tea and slippers too. In the rooms, there are Lego blocks provided for some fun family bonding session. Kids also had fun trying to unlock the treasure chest in the room. psst…if you can unlock the treasure chest, you’ll get to bring home surprise gift (Lego blocks)!

We’re now ready to head out to Legoland Theme Park..let’s go!

Legoland Theme Park

Before entering the theme park, we’re required to scan our details to the MySejahtera app. We were also reminded to sanitize our hands before entering. This is a important step to avoid us from bringing unwanted bacteria or germs into the park.

Legoland 1

The kids were super excited to visit Legoland Theme Park as their last visit was 2 years ago for Ninjago ride. They were so lucky to chanced upon Batman character at the Theme Park and quickly request for a photo.  If you noticed, the kids are not allowed to stand close to the character. Again, social distance was practiced as the crew assisted the picture taking process.

Legoland 1

Hungry.. so we make our way to one of the restaurants located in the theme park. At the restaurants, Legoland has implemented the ‘Grab & Go options’. Self-service buffets and salad bars have also been reconfigured or closed to reduce the number of high-frequency touch points. Cutlery and condiments will now be provided to guests with their meals or upon request, rather than left in open areas.  Social distancing is practiced in the dining areas by configuring the distance between seated parties.

Stuffed from all the yummy food, it’s time to enjoy those rides! While strolling in the theme park, we came upon numerous friendly signage to remind us of practicing social distancing. Benches and tables were marked with it. There was abundance of hand sanitizers stationed in every nook and corner in the park.

The boys opted to head for their favourite experience to catch a movie at Lego Theatre. Before entering the theatre, we’re required to sanitize our hands. Check out the social  distance rule in the theatre. The seats are distanced apart and certain rows  are totally blocked to adhere to social distancing requirements. This seating rule applies to live shows and theatrical scenes as well.

Legoland 21

The kids didn’t mind seating apart from us at all *lolx* Even the 3D glasses are disinfected each time after use!

Legoland 27

After movie session, they headed for a train ride. Before, we go on the ride, the crew inform us that they need to disinfect the ride. This is part of the ‘Enhanced Cleaning’ measures to disinfect high-frequency touch points.  My boys were also asked to sanitize their hands before going on the ride.

After enjoying most of the rides available at theme park, its time to catch the closing act at the main entrance of the theme park. We followed the SOP and stand in of one the boxes marked for families!

Legoland Malaysia Resort

Legoland Sea Life

As we still had spare time, we quickly headed for Sea Life to experience an intimate and interactive journey underneath the waves. Before entering the premises, we’re required to go thru the screen checks and disinfect our shoes. In Sea Life, numerous hand sanitizers station can be found. There was an area for kids to color their favourite ocean animals (digitally) and see it come to life on the screen. Social distanced was practiced with seats blocked apart from one another. Kudos!

Dining in Legoland Hotel

After such an exciting day, it was time to head back to the hotel for our meals. We had our breakfast and dinner in Brick’s Cafe while staying in the hotel. Our meals are served to our table by the staff and it comes in a set menu. There’s no buffet to reduce the high-frequency touch points. Cutlery and condiments are provided upon request and social distancing is practiced. This is the first time I dined in the hotel and the food was fantastic!

Legoland Hotel Activities (Live Shows, Swimming Pool  & Zumba)

Worry that kids might be bored, fret not Legoland Hotel provides live shows and zumba activities within the hotel area. Families can come together and have fun. There’s a safety compliance officer making the rounds to ensure guests adhere to the SOP guidelines.

We also managed to do a quick dip in the swimming pool. Following the SOP, the hotel has put signages to allow 1 In & Out entry. Families are allowed in the pool for 30 minutes to allowed other guests access to the pool.

Legoland Water Park

On our second day, we headed for Legoland Water Park. We went thru the usual routine of screening temperatures before entering the park. It’s compulsory to enter the locker’s room for a quick shower before and after entering the water park. Clear signage are placed to guide the guests.

Kids had an amazing splashing time in the water park. There are crews stationed at each ride and zones, they will remind us to sanitize our hands before going in.

Honestly, heading to Legoland Malaysia Resort was a brilliant idea. The SOP introduced in the hotel,restaurants, retail shops to theme parks, makes me really comfortable. I noticed that Legoland has reduced the daily ticketed capacity at their theme parks and operations hour are also reduce. Some rides or areas are modified or suspended for example play areas, costume character ‘meets and greets session’ to ensure best possible guest experience whilst adhering to social distancing requirements. Although these are implemented and one might feel cheated of their money’s worth but I felt it was truly a good decision. It’s so much more hygienic and safer.  Guests feels more secure coming to have fun too!

I’ll definitely plan another visit to Legoland Malaysia Resort as there’s special offers going on for a limited time period . You don’t want to miss out this great opportunity!

For more information on Legoland Malaysia Resort,  visit https://www.legoland.com.my/

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