(Review) Murad Night Fix Enzyme Treatment – Recharge Your Skin Overnight

Are you aware, when we’re asleep our skin loses water 3 x faster? Ever wondered how to keep your skin hydrated and well rested? The key is a good night sleep! When you have a good sleep, it will help to improve your skin’s health and ultimately clear up your skin. Lack of sleep usually causes the release of stress hormone cortisol which resulted in flare-ups conditions such as acne, wrinkles and break out.

If you’re not aware, during sleep our body produces a new, fresh cell to fix the skin damage. It’s a much needed cell to absorb nutrient and supplied our body whenever we need it. Due to overload of work and lack of sleep, my skin definitely needs some love to recharge it! Here comes Murad Night Fix Enzyme Treatment  to recharge my skin overnight.

Murad Night Fix Enzyme Treatment (30ml, RM398)

 Murad Night Enzyme Treatment

Murad Night Fix Enzyme Treatment is created to encourage overnight skin repair through ingredients inspired by the science of sleep. It helps to repair skin overnight and visibly minimize fine lines, boost hydration and revive radiance.

The product contains key ingredients such as:

  • Chronopeptide – An anti-ageing peptide. It syncs up with the body’s circadian rhythm to support natural repair and lends vibrancy to your skin.
  • Tri-enzyme formula – Made of purified red and green microalgae to form three encapsulated enzymes that provide potent antioxidant protection and detoxification to reduce visible signs of premature aging such as loss of elasticity, lines and wrinkles.

Murad Night Fix Enzyme Treatment is also formulated without Parabens, Sulfates, Gluten Alcohol, Synthetic colors, GMOs, Triclosan, Soy or soy derivative and phthalates. Hence, its suitable for all skin types.  Plus, its encapsulated with aroma technology that prepares our senses for deep, restful sleep for glowing skin in the morning!

How To Use?

 Murad Night Enzyme Treatment

After applying moisturizer, massage evenly over face and neck as the last step of your nighttime regimen. Just use 1 – 2 pump.

 My Verdict

 Murad Night Enzyme Treatment

I like the packaging of the pump for its much cleaner and save our hassle from washing a spatula. The texture is a watery gel that easily absorbs on the skin. Simply lightweight and non-sticky at all! Plus, the amazing aroma really relaxes by tired mind and body.

 Murad Night Enzyme Treatment
Ignore those eye bags as I’ve been working late for few days before photo was taken 😛

Got to say, I’m pretty impressed with Murad Night Fix Enzyme Treatment. After 5 days of including this in my nighttime skincare routine, I noticed that my skin is much plumper and radiant! Fine lines around my eyes and lips was visibly minimized too! This is a product that’s definitely worth investing in.

 Murad Night Enzyme Treatment

Overall, I really loved my overnight recharge skin that’s simply glowing with health! For more information on Murad Night Fix Enzyme Treatment, visit Murad’s website: www.murad.com.my or https://www.facebook.com/Murad.Malaysia/

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