Product Review – THEFACESHOP Oil Control Water Cushion SPF 50+, PA+++ Foundation

I’m going gaga over Korean Make up especially with the rise of the cushion foundation. Today, I’m trying out THEFACESHOP Oil Control Water Cushion SPF 50+, PA+++ which claims to give matte finishing and provides long lasting effects for oily or combination skin. As my skin has a tendency to get oily fast, this product might be the solution to my problems.

Oil Control Water Cushion-Product Visual
THEFACESHOP Oil Water Cushion SPF 50+, PA+++

Now, what entice me to try THEFACESHOP Oil Control Water Cushion SPF 50+, PA+++ is also the following:

  1. Sebum control with Blooming Rose Powder – With ingredients Citrus unshiu + Sebum cut powder, this special formula helps to control sebum and prevent makeup from clumping. Maintaining a refreshing and bright complexion.
  2. Moisture Charge – Created using clean water + oxygen water, the product used Tasmanian clean water from Australia and mix it with Italian pure oxygen water. This formula effectively deliver moisture to dull, tired skin and gives vitalized complexion.
  3. Long Lasting Skin Fit Cover Powder– Super fixing oil system + multi size powder which quickly sets makeup for powerful long-lasting effects!


Other key points of THEFACESHOP Oil Control Water Cushion SPF 50+, PA+++ are:

  1. Sweat-proof – Sweat resistance and maintains the coverage and UV protection effects.
  2. Improved level of stickinessLess stickiness on our face and hands
  3. Certified by Ministry of Food and Drug Safety – The SPF50+, PA+++ is a great protection against UV

Did I mentioned, The *LG Patent “Micro Foam” cushion of THEFACESHOP Oil Control Water Cushion SPF 50+, PA+++ features a 4 times higher cell density of cushion foam than regular cushion. The meticulous cell structure with principles of Ultra High Definition that gives 4 x times higher resolution and pixels. The ending result even application make up with non-clumping effects = FLAWLESS!  

Oil control water cushion leaflet front
THEFACESHOP Ambassador Kim Soo Hyun (so flawless)!

Application method:

  1. Take an appropriate amount with “Micro Foam” cushion.
  2. Lightly and evenly pat on the face.

Here’s my review of using THEFACESHOP Oil Control Water Cushion SPF 50+, PA+++ (15g) V203 Natural Beige. (Note: The product is also available a different shade, V201 Apricot)

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My verdict:

  1. Took 1 application and my pigmentation and blemishes is fully covered.
  2. On application can feel a light cooling sensation.
  3. Skin look flawless, matte with dewy finishing.
  4. Long-lasting effects even after 8 hours of usage.
  5. Skins feels moisturise even after 8 hours of application.
  6. Easy to reapply with the sponge

Why, I love it? Its hassle free and touch up takes less than 5 minutes. THEFACESHOP Oil Control Water Cushion SPF 50+, PA+++ gives a medium to heavy coverage. Even after 8 hours, the stickiness level is minimal and less shine is spotted on my face. Totally amazing as Malaysia has really hot and humid weather(Refer to my picture testing by using oil control film, that’s the amount I normally produce in 3 – 4 hours). Retailing at RM89.90 (inclusive of 6% GST), THEFACESHOP Oil Control Water Cushion SPF 50+, PA+++ is highly recommended for people who has combination skin like me.

TFS Oil Zero Challenge Redemption

Ooh la la…there’s good news in store! THEFACESHOP is having a promotion for this product, so head over to for a 10% discount and get a FREE pack of  THEFACESHOP Oil Control Water Cushion refill worth RM48.90. On top of that, you will also get a FREE Membership with THEFACESHOP which entitles you  to great privileges!

For more information on THEFACESHOP Oil COntrol Water Cushion SPF 50+, PA+++, please visit or



45 thoughts on “Product Review – THEFACESHOP Oil Control Water Cushion SPF 50+, PA+++ Foundation

  1. The oil control water cushion looks extremely effective. I love to see the photo with your full make up on, but would have been great to also see the “Before” shot.

    1. ooh..there’s a before & after shot (combo pic) in the slideshow. Might have missed it. I would say its effective as I’ve got freckles and pigmentation problem.

  2. It looks nice and specially the cushion looks very handy. Though i haven’t tried it before but may be can giv a try.

  3. hey i got this, but have yet to try it, heard that coverage can’t compare with some other pricier brands but must try first to find out.

    1. This is a good question. Since being introduced to this, I’ve been using it on daily basis. There are times, I do take a break and use it alternately.

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