School Holiday Fun Activities With Bio Life and 妈咪宝贝- Mommy Baby

Bio Life and 妈咪宝贝- Mommy Baby

A couple of weeks ago, I was stoked to receive an invitation to a school holiday fun session with Bio Life and Mother & Baby magazine. Together with my elder boy Kenwyn, we headed to the event in excitement. Upon registering the both of us and stepping into the event space, I noticed it was crowded with many mommies and their little ones.

Bio Life and 妈咪宝贝- Mommy Baby

The organizer has divided us into two groups. Of course, the mommy vs the children. My son together with other children,are brought  upstairs to immerse themselves with coloring stations and also arts & crafts session. See…how much fun he was having :D

Whilst, we mommies are eager to start our learning and sharing session from the panel of child experts. Here are some of the discussed topics which includes healthcare (pre & probiotics), food nutrition as well as a sharing session with celebrity Ms. Wong Chui Ling. As a parent, we’re always worried about our kid’s health and digestion. At the event, I learned that there’s a supplement known as A.B. Junior Pre & Pro by Bio Life that can assist our kid’s health.

Bio Life and 妈咪宝贝- Mommy Baby

What’s A.B. Junior Pre & Pro?

The  A.B. Junior Pre & Pro  contains 3 clinically studied ingredients: Lactobacillus acidophilus LA5 (probiotic), Bifidobacterium lactis BB12 (probiotic), and chicory inulin (prebiotic).

Lactobacillus acidophilus LA-5

  • Increase gut health
  • Good adherence in the gastrointestinal tract

Bifidobacterium lactis BB12

  • Extensively and well-studied probiotic strain
  • High bile tolerance and acid resistance to survive through the gut
  • High colonization in the gastrointestinal tract
  • Helps to improve beneficial intestinal microflora

Beneo™ Inulin

  • Stimulate the growth of gut friendly bacteria
  • Increase calcium absorption

Bio Life and 妈咪宝贝- Mommy Baby

The product aids our kid’s digestive system for better absorption, promotes friendly bacteria’s growth and improved gut health. Its suitable for all growing children. All it takes is 1 sachet daily and you will have a growing kid in no time *wink*

Bio Life and 妈咪宝贝- Mommy Baby

Of course, we will also need to take care of their food nutrition. Thus, we all learned a few tricks from a Bio Life food nutritionist.

Bio Life and 妈咪宝贝- Mommy Baby

Lastly, not to be missed was the sharing session celebrity Ms. Wong Chui Ling, who shared her joys of motherhood and some tips on taking care of our body too. A discussion panel was also set up, hence we mommies were not shy to asked away!

It’s time for us to gathered our kids to enjoy the next activities. The activities are created for children to explore and have fun with their mommies. My son Kenwyn, learnt a new song on ‘keeping our hands clean’ and pop quiz session with Eubos.

In between, I caught my son snacking on Bio Life Kid’s Gummies Multivitamins + Minerals. It’s a fruity-flavor gummy that provides essential nutrients to support healthy development of your growing children.

Bio Life and 妈咪宝贝- Mommy Baby

Finishing that, we headed upstairs for our bento competition. Of course, before the competition begin, the organizer surprised us with a quick hunting game as ice breaking session. We had so much fun in the hunt. Time for our bento competition and it’s hosted by ‘Seafood From Norway’. The chef explained and demonstrated how to grill Salmon Fish and doing a bento. Next, is our turn to create our own healthy bento with my son.

Bio Life and 妈咪宝贝- Mommy Baby

Ta-da…here’s our version of healthy Bento!

Our event ended with awarding prized to Bento competition winners as well as lucky draw. Congrats to all the winners!

Bio Life and 妈咪宝贝- Mommy Baby

Kudos…to the organizer Mother & Baby magazine for organizing such a fun filled informative school holiday fun. It was truly well organized and I have to say they did such a great job managing the kids at the arts & crafts session, hence mommies can fully focus on the learning session with Bio Life.

Bio Life and 妈咪宝贝- Mommy Baby

Let’s hope we get invited next year to more amazing activities like this as it’s a great bonding session for me and my son. Thanks 妈咪宝贝- Mommy Baby for inviting me to the event!

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