Selecting Quality School Shoes in White or Black

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With a blink of an eye, my son has passed Primary 1. I still remembered my first school shopping experience of buying uniforms, pants, shoes at the last minute. The horror of not being able to find the right size of apparels and shoes was unimaginable! This year, I’m starting way ahead in order to avoid the last minute crazy rush.

So I’ve got everything sorted out and it has now boiled down to choosing white or black shoes. Why? I’m pretty sure parents are well aware that our education minister has announced the enforcement of black shoes and socks by 2021. All schools are given the option to slowly roll in the new enforcement plan starting from next year. As parents, we’re given the decision to either opt for white or black.

Black or White Shoes?

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Doesn’t he look super cool in his  Pallas black school shoes

I decided to let my son Kenwyn decides which color of shoes he wanted. Without hesitation, he decided to go for black. Upon further chatting, he reveals his two main reasons for choosing black. Kenwyn is quite particular about cleanliness to the point of it being OCD.  Hence, wearing black shoes fits his personality better. With white shoes, he can see spots and smudges which really irritates him. Another reason for black is because he finds it classier. According to him, important people wear black shoes and not white ..LOLX . His reasons are more in favor to his needs.

The Right Quality Shoes

Pallas 1

From my perspective, I would opt for black shoes too as its easier to care for. However, whether its white or black shoes, I think the most important would be the quality of the shoes. I wanted to choose shoes that is light and airy for Kenwyn. School children are burdened with heavy school bags; thus extra lightweight shoes are the best to reduce the kids burden to school.

Pallas Jazz

Kenwyn has been wearing Pallas since Primary 1 and he loves it. I preferred Pallas school shoes for they are extra light in weight and has great ventilation system to disperse the heat. Thus, even standing under the scorching hot son, his feet will still be kept cool.

My son personally handpicked Pallas Jazz for its trendy design too. If you take a closer look you’ll notice the shoes comes with foam lining to provide his feet with extra comfort protection. Plus, when comes in contact with water, the shoes dry off quickly too. This is because the shoes upper parts are made with mesh combined with PVC. With easily detachable Velcro strap design, it really suits Kenwyn well when he’s in a rush to remove his shoes.

Pallas 1

The right pair of shoes are truly important to ensure kids grow up with healthy feet. Feel free to visit Pallas  website or facebook page for more information on proper school shoes for kids.

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