Societe Family and Mamee Group introduces new Messed Up Family!

Messed Up family - Coffee Societe

I was totally hooked when I first try out the Messed Up Family beverages which are only available at Garage 51. Imagine my excitement, when CS Fifty One Sdn Bhd (Societe Family) in collaboration with Mamee-Double Decker (M) Sdn Bhd will be extending the Messed Up Family range of beverages to all of their outlets. Their current existing cafes includes CoffeeSociete, Garage 51, Underground Societe and Procaffeinating.

CoffeeSociete co-founder & Mamee GM
From (L): Choong Kar Heng, Pierre Pang (General Manager, Mamee Gtoup) and Choong Kar Wai (The Choong brothers, Co-Founder Societe Family)

The beverages are hand-crafted from scratch by Societe Family co-founders, Choong Kar Wai and Choong Kar Heng. Drawing inspiration from the Australian café scene, Messed Up Family series was brought to Malaysia and proves to be a major hit with the customers. With this collaboration, Societe Family will be receiving products sponsorship from Mamee Group stable brands, specifically Mamee Monster and Perfecto Popcorn.

Demo of Messed Up Family
Demostration by Choong Kar Heng – Hand-crafted Messed Up Family

During the event, we also saw the existing Messed Up Family celebrating Halloween, with the Halloween Monster (Chocolate flavoured) topped with of layers Mamee Monster snack, caramelized Perfecto Popcorn and gooey gummy candies. This drink will be available until 19th November 2015 and it’s the first series of beverages concocted by the Choong brothers infused with products from Mamee Group.

Latest Messed Up family - CoffeeSociete
From (L): The Cousin and Halloween Monster

The current Messed Up Family Range which features The Father (chocolate and peanut butter flavour), The Mother (green tea with honey), The Son (Nutella flavour) and The Daughter (coconut flavour) has a new addition to the family. Introduced at the event was The Cousin (salted caramel milkshake topped with two layers of brownies), which is only available at CoffeeSociete.

In conjunction with this partnership, a series of fun contests will be held. Customers can look forward to winning exclusive Mamee merchandise and vouchers. For more information on Messed up family and Societe Family, visit CoffeeSociete Facebook Page

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