Superhero time at The Mighty Mighty Squad, IPC Shopping Centre

The Mighty Mighty Squad MP

The kids are now in their happy mood as school holiday has begun. As parents, school holidays are the best time to spend quality time with kids to bond and enjoy family fun activities together. I spotted an interesting kid activity at IPC Shopping Centre (IPC) for this school holidays. It’s called the The Mighty Mighty Squad challenge!

IPC Mighty Mighty Squad

If you’re not aware, IPC is a family friendly shopping centre that is conducive and child friendly. The shopping centre has created several kid’s friendly activity zones for our little ones to enjoy themselves. This school holiday, kids are invited to be a superhero by going thru the challenges in The Mighty Mighty Squad.

What’s The Mighty Mighty Squad?

Roll With Carol IPC Shopping Centre 7

The Mighty Mighty Squad is a superhero themed school holiday activity for kids aged 1 to 12 years old. It comprises 11 obstacles courses that will stimulate our kids physical and mental development.  Details of the activity as below:

  • Date: 22nd March – 31st March 2019
  • Time: 10am – 10pm
  • Venue: Ground Floor (In front of Dome, IPC Shopping Centre)

How to take part?


Now, this is what I love best about IPC. You can  participate in the activities for FREE by registering as a IPC Små Club Member. There are tons of benefits being a member of Små Club Member, check it out below:

  • FREE 1-year membership (renewal fee – RM30)
  • FREE gift upon registration
  • Enjoy selected promotions & discounts at selected outlets
  • Birthday gift during birthday month
  • Seasonal gifts (selected occasions)
  • Minimum spend of RM30 anywhere in IPC Shopping Centre to redeem a Små Club Sticker
  • Recycle selected items with a minimum weight of 1kg at IPC Recycling & Buy Back Centre to redeem a Små Club Sticker
  • Priority sign up for IPC Shopping Centre kid’s workshop & activities

WOW! Aren’t the benefits amazing? For non IPC Små Club members a minimum spend of RM50 at any IPC outlets is required to redeem a free 1-day pass for The Mighty Mighty Squad

SUPERHERO for a day

Needless to say, I took the opportunity to register for IPC Små Club Member and receive a free 1-day pass for The Mighty Mighty Squad. OMG…I just love the free gifts!!

Roll With Carol IPC Shopping Centre 7
There’s plush bear and cute magnetic wristbands

After receiving our free gifts and wristband, we headed to tackle the challenges at The Mighty Mighty Squad. My son was super-duper excited after strapping his wristband and proclaimed himself a SUPERHERO!

Roll With Carol IPC Shopping Centre 7

It’s time to tackle the obstacles, remember there’s 11 challenges and at the end of completion, there’s a certificate given to congratulate the kids for their achievements. At first my son was rather averse to it as he has problem coordinating his arms and legs. However, after much encouragement from us, he went thru all of the challenges at lightning speed!

Just like a Spartan, he was resilient, courageous and shown wit to complete the obstacles. We are so proud that he managed to complete all of it.

Roll With Carol IPC
He’s all smiles after receiving his certificate for his hard work!

It was truly a great bonding time for us as we go thru all the challenges together. Mentally and physically, I can see my son’s strength grow when he went for another round on his own. Without much assistance, he was able to complete it on his own. *clap hands*

If you’re nearby, swing by and let your kids be Superhero for a day at The Mighty Mighty Squad, IPC Shopping Centre. Remember, the activities will end on 31 March 2019, so better hurry over.

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