Unwrapping My CNY Hamper From JDX Gift and Food Packaging

JDX Hamper 4 (Main Pic)

Every CNY season, there’s bound to be plenty of hampers delivered by clients, suppliers or friends to my home.  One of the best hamper I’ve received would be from JDX Gift and Food Packaging.  You’ll probably think what’s the big deal as most hampers in the market look and offer the same products. So, I’m blogging about JDX Gift hampers as I personally feel that their hampers are worth the price and healthy to boot.

Hampers are usually thoughtful gifts consisting of either biscuits, candies, canned fruits and perhaps some Chinese delicacies such as herbs to bird nest. However, for my hamper I noticed it contains mainly healthy Chinese traditional herbs and food. Let’s take a look at my beautifully wrapped hamper from JDX Gift (thanks to my friend who sent it to me, you know who you are :D)

JDX Hamper
My CNY Hamper (JDX Gift & Food Packaging)

Beautifully wrapped in red cloth to symbolize CNY, there are 5 items  inclusive of a flowery gift box and red ribbon as decoration. I’m slowly unwrapping it as I’ve taken a fancy to the gorgeous flowery box and have plans to use it to store my items later on.

JDX Hamper 2

Unwrapping done and here’s a close up of the items packed into this CNY hamper. I liked this hamper as the items included in it would be great to cooked for my CNY reunion family dinner. Items included are:

  • 1 x Cordyceps Herbs
  • 1 x Fish Maw Giftbox
  • 1 x Deep Oiled Smoked Oyster
  • 1 x Anxi Tie Guanyin
  • 1 x Red Leaf  Red Wine (375ml)

JDX Hamper 3

The Deep Oil Smoked Oyster packaging is presentable and look effortlessly classy. It’s packed into a tin foil that’s easy to open using the pull- tab. Stated that it weights 85gm scroll below to see the open can version 😛

Deep Oil Smoked Oyster - JDX Hamper
Deep Oil Smoked Oyster (85gm)

Next, is the Fish Maw Gift Box which consist of 3 light yellow fish maw. According to my mom, this light color fish maw indicates the quality of the product is certainly a good standard level. If compared to other hypermarkets or supermarkets the fish maw sold are slightly darker in color and oilier as well.

Fish Maw Gift Box - JDX Hamper
Fish Maw Gift Box (70gm)

Cordyceps herbs has many healthy benefits and can be added into our daily meal.  It works as a energy booster, help to  lower cholesterol, immune system booster and lots more.  Can be used to cook or boil in soup.

Premium Codyceps Herbs - JDX Hamper
Cordyceps Herbs (40gm)

Now, this is one of my dad’s favourite tea as it provides health benefits such as antioxidant to prevent cancer and heart diseases. Plus it’s also a good way to burn those oily fats accumulated during a heavy meal.

Anxi Tie Guanyin - JDX Hamper
Anxi Tie Guanyin ( 1 box x 20 sachets)

Loved this flowery red box and its definitely a keeper. The wrapper used is actually a wallpaper thus does not disintegrate easily and best part the box is quite sturdy. Compared against other hampers that only provide soft cardbox for decor this certainly  gain an extra point in my books.

JDX Hamper 5

Here’s the opened can of the Deep Oil Smoked Oyster. I was certainly impressed with the size of the oyster and the quantity packed into the tiny foil can. Plus, I can smell the smokiness aroma of the oyster upon opening it.  This oyster can be eaten as it is and it tasted great. However, for tonight I’ve got plans to do a one pot seafood wonder with the ingredients from this hamper.

Ta-da, here I present to you my creation for my family reunion dinner pot luck session. A  hearty claypot broth of Seafood Fortune wonder consisting  of Deep Oil Smoked Oysters, Fish Maw, Cordyceps Herbs, scallops, mushroom and broccoli. (Note: Mushroom, scallops and broccoli is bought on my own ya 😛 )

Cooked Dishe with Deep Oil Smoked Oyster - JDX Hamper

My family certainly loved my dish and complimented on the tastiness of the ingredients. We accompanied our dinner with the Red Leaf Red Wine and for the elderly they opted for the Anxi Tie Guayin. Next year CNY, I’ll be getting one of these fabulous hampers from JDX Gift as I think the products included are certainly well worth the price. I managed to find out more of their hampers at JDX website or JDX Facebook Page all thanks to the wonders of technology.  Till then, keep you posted on my next musings.

21 thoughts on “Unwrapping My CNY Hamper From JDX Gift and Food Packaging

    1. totally, I’ve got received others only biscuits and candies . But still cherished them coz its the thoughts that count

    2. totally, I’ve got received others only biscuits and candies . But still cherished them coz its the thoughts that count

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