Weekend Family Getaway to Resort World Genting!

It’s been quite some time since I’ve been to Genting and I was thinking to plan a trip up. Guess GOD heard my prayers when I was invited by Genting to review First World Tower 2 Annex, Behind The Scenes Tour, Steamboat Dining at Resort Seafood and Superstars of Magic 4 show. I looked forward to this short getaway as it’s the first time my son Kenwyn will be going to Genting Highlands. I followed the bus provided by Genting to check out Behind The Scenes Tour, whilst my husband and son will arrive later to join me for steamboat dinning at Resort Seafood and Superstars of Magic 4 show.

During the bus trip, I had a quick nap to refresh myself for the up-coming exciting activities that Genting has in-store for us. Upon arrival, we were greeted and ushered by Genting PR department to the lobby area to drop our baggage before heading into our briefing.

In the briefing room, I was introduced to other selected bloggers from Malaysia and Singapore. After introductions were made, we went thru a quick briefing showcasing Genting’s up-coming projects and events as well as program itinerary for the day. Our first activity was the Behind The Scenes Tour – A journey to explore and interact, this is a new activity introduced by Genting and it involves exploration of the hotel’s operations, DIY food workshop and Genting’s history and present projects.


First stop was the Genting International Showroom. In here, we were introduced to the technical experts who shared their knowledge on managing the back stage, lighting and sound system during a show or event. We had a hand-on session and I realized there was a lot of work involved in making a show successful.

Next, we were ushered into the First World Hotel’s laundry – one of the largest hotel laundry in Malaysia to experience how an iron feeder is operated and learnt to fold shirts like a pro.

After walking thru the laundry, we headed to See, Do, Eat Workshop. Children  will absolutely adored this as they can participate by creating their own bento set or doughnut masterpiece with different toppings and fillings. You can also opt to eat it on the spot or take away to nibble at later.

Last stop would be Horizon 50 the latest addition to Resorts World Genting which is conceptualized in line with Genting Integrated Tourism Plan. A venue showcasing a glimpse of the past, current and emphasize on what’s to come at the Resort. The ambience has a modern futuristic feel and is complemented by state-of-the-art technology surroundings. Some children activities were held that day included meet & greet with ‘Epic’ Adventures Mascot and art & craft corner.

Behind The Scenes Tour

To view available tour dates – http://www.rwgenting.com/themepark/attraction/behind-the-scenes/introduction/)

Genting Rewards MemberNon -Member

By then, we were all famished and was herded to the newly revamped Resort Seafood restaurant for our dinner. We were invited to try their Steamboat Dinner prepared by Chef Lai Kok Yeow and and his kitchen team.


There was a variety of fresh food available such as meats, seafood, vegetables, mushrooms and lots more. On top of that, I noticed that Resort Seafood provides about 20 different sauces and we were spoilt for choice. You can opt to go for green chili sauce to burning chili oil or light soya sauce to premium oyster sauce. The soup stock has many varieties such as tom yam, kampong chicken soup, fish head stock and herbal chicken flavours. Today, we will be trying the herbal chicken flavour and it was really delicious.  My son had a few bowl of the soups and I allowed it as the soups are additive-free.

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A special surprised awaited us after our dinner – Ice-cream steamboat decorated with lots of fruits like lychee, strawberry, grapes and jack fruits. Take a spoon and scoop a mouthful of it and your palate will definitely ask for more.

Ice Cream Steamboat

Resort Seafood (Level 1, Resort Hotel)

Operational Hour: Lunch – 12pm – 2.30pm / Dinner – 6pm – 10pm

Telephone: 03- 6101 1118

Price Range: Rm108 nett to Rm638 nett (two to eight persons, member/non-member prices vary)

Opening act by Host of Superstars of Magic 4 – Jay Mattioli

After a hearty meal , we’re off to Genting International Showroom to catch Superstars of Magic 4.  I’m looking forward to this as my son will be able to experience this for the first time. Superstars of Magic 4 is into its fourth year running and is touted to be Asia’s largest magic variety show. The theme for this year is ‘Magic of the East Meets West’ and showcases 6 illusionists from either the east or west. The particular highlight would be showcasing how magic has evolved with technology and the show promises to be a breath-taking spectacle.

Jeff Lee (Taiwan)

I choose aisle seats as I was afraid that my son might cry. Initially, he didn’t want to enter as he was afraid of the dark. After few rounds of persuasion, he decided to try and really loved it. First magician to introduce himself to the crowd was none other than celebrity magician Jay Mattioli. With his sense of comedy and charm, the audience are quickly taken by him.  Acting as host of Superstars of Magic 4, he proceeded to introduce Jeff Lee. A well-known celebrity magician from Taiwan, performing with TV magic and modern music. We sat in awed as he speedily take things out of his TV.

One Gun (Korea)

Next to perform was One Gun from Korea, stepping onto stage in a casual T-Shirt and jeans. We were promptly stunned by his act which involved his clothing keeps changing on its own in different colour and type right before our eyes.  *Wow*

Jay Matiolli
Jay Mattioli (Host) – Performing his magic illusions during interim

Stepping onto stage is magician Ted Kim, who is also from Korea. His performance is unique which infuses modern screen mapping technology and LED projector technology. In here, he was dressed up as Super Mario Brothers to the delights of the childred. His act infuses screen mapping and LED projector technology.

Ted Kin (Korea)
Ted Kim (Korea)

The next performer from Las Vegas was Joseph Gabriel, his act was making doves disappear at his will. During this time, my son keep saying ‘Bird, Bird’ and clap happily along to the show. Last but not least, Shawn Farquhar from Canada and his performance was changing cards with a twist of his hand.

The finale of the event came, when Jay returned on stage and shared his challenges and triumph of being a travelling magician and the joy he found during his performances which was truly touching.

The magic show was certainly entertaining and amazing. We also had the opportunity to take pictures with all the magicians on stage. Normally, my son refuses to take pictures but to my amazement he was readily posing together with the magicians.

Superstars of Magic 4

Date: 10 July to 25 October 2015

Time: 4pm & 8pm

Venue: Genting International Showroom

Ticket PriceAdultChildren

As we call this a night, we trudge to our rooms to rest. I was allocated the XYZ Deluxe Room at the newly refurbished First World Hotel, Tower 2 Annex. Walking towards the hotel lobby, I noticed the beautifully designer featured wall on my right. As we go further along, we came upon the signature Terminal 2 Café which is still bustling with people purchasing pastries or drinks for supper.

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The first thing I noticed in my room was the separate shower and toilet cubicle. That’s very good as I don’t need to rush my husband out of toilet (he takes ages in it). Another thing that caught my eye was the lively and vibrant colours used in the room, giving it a chic look and yet creating a comfortable atmosphere. The room comes equipped with flat screen TV, open hanging cupboard, mini fridge, large room safe and refreshments with tea and coffee-making facilities.

USB Charger Port (In my room)
USB Charger Port 


  • Separated shower and toilet
  • USB build in port for charging accessibility
  • Larger room safe
  • 2 large single beds


  • No WIFI
  • TV with local channels only (Note: My hyperactive son keep asking for Disney channel)
  • Incomplete toiletries i.e. toothbrush and toothpaste

Although there were some misses, the rooms are very much better compared to the previous ones. On a happy note, we were informed that WIFI will be available in the near future. (Note: Below pictures are provided by Rane)

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Room Rates 2015:

Standard RoomRM183RM213RM292RM344
Deluxe RoomRM213RM263RM336RM446
XYZ Deluxe RoomRM228RM278RM351RM461
Deluxe Triple RoomRM250RM309RM390RM487
XYZ Deluxe Triple RoomRM270RM329RM410RM507
#Superior Deluxe RoomRM353RM433RM527RM660

Thank you to Genting for offering me an opportunity to check out the newly refurbished First World Tower 2 Annex, steamboat dining at Resort Seafood, Behind The Scenes Tour and Superstars of Magic 4 show. I had an enjoyable trip with my family and look forward to the opening of the outdoor theme park -Twentieth Century Fox in Nov/Dec 2016, the first of its kind in Asia. Till then, I’ll keep you posted on my next travel getaway. If you need further information, do refer to www.rwgenting.com

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